Pen Bikini Trimmers

3 Top Pen Bikini Trimmers

If you are looking for a handy and easy to use solution to define your bikini line, you don’t have to actually stick with heavy and big shavers, specially when you need to define a line in such a delicate region where you have to be quite precise and cautious. There is in the market several options of the popular pen bikini trimmers. They are the best bikini trimmers if you are looking only to define a bikini line and already has a solution to trim the entire zone rather than only the bikini line.
We will see here three great pen alike trimmers that are developed by some of the best brands in the market and are also greatly rated by customers.

Braun FG1100

Braun FG1100We have previously reviewed here a great trimmer for facial hair removal you should check and we are back to one more round with Braun products because the German brand is never a disappointment when it comes to feminine machines and toiletries. This pen model developed by Braun is really great to do the bikini line specially because it offers some flexibility when it comes to the length of hair and also can be used to trim hair in many other delicate parts of the body, like face and armpits.

The FG1100 has a standard blade for trimming but comes along one extra trimming head for precision trimming and two combs with different lengths, one is 5mm and the other 8mm. You can switch to the precision blade if you want to define the bikini line and can use the combs attached to it to trimm the whole bikini zone. Many pen trimmers are not great to trim the whole zone, but this Braun model is all ready for it. This pen trimmer is rated 4 stars on several stores around the web, and costs up to $25 dollars.

Remington MPT3000

Remington MPT3000Remington is another great brand that develops many different grooming machines both for man and women. Their pen trimmer is no different when it comes to quality and is by the way unisex, can be used both for you and your partner for beard and mustache trimming, for example.

This model however is much more simple than the Braun mentioned above. It comes only with the standard trimming head, so you won’t have an area of contact that big to do all the bikini zone, rather the bikini line only. There is an additional detail comb that will allow you to trim hair 2 mm long, this is more useful once again for your boy than to your bikini zone trimming.


Panasonic ER-GN25VP

Panasonic ER-GN25VPTo finish our list, we have this cute pen trimmer developed by Panasonic that really resembles a pen and has a long protective cap. But what is great about this pen trimmer surely is not its design and appearance, but the efficiency of the blades. Like many nose and ear trimmers for men, this model has an elliptical blade system that is very discrete and precise, as well as you can have the blades cleaned up again at ease.

To trim with this kind of trimmer all you have to do is to slide the “pen” tip over the skin. You can choose a direction that is best fit for the bikini line for example, considering how you wand to handle the pen, but the trimmer works on all directions, being useful also for the eyebrows and other facial hair retouches.

When you are finished using the trimmer, you can detach the blades head and wash it under the water with soap! Most trimmers do not allow this kind of cleaning method with water, but the Panasonic blades of this model are waterproof.

This kind of trimmer is really great for women with very sensitive skin. The contact with the blades is quite brief and precise, so your skin won’t be exposed for too long.

This model costs an overall $ 20 dollars and has a 4 stars rate on several different stores. And of course, you also will only need one AA battery to get it work.

Be sure to buy any of these pen trimmers with good sellers online or in physical stores. These brands are no little players, so you can purchase these products with a warranty insurance. Even if you are paying only some dozen bucks, there is no reason for you to deny yourself your right, specially because all brands here are renowned.

Also pen trimmers can be used almost exclusively for one are only so if you are looking for other areas where you would like to remove hair from , than we suggest you go with epilator instead of  trimmer.You can to website and check ther best epilator reviews.

You will likely see in the market many pen trimmers from suspicious or unfamiliar brands. Be careful before you purchase these products, since they are very simples and easy to manufacture – and cost few – the customers always might think there is always an even cheaper opportunity that worths the deal, but it doesn’t. Stick with a pen trimmer of good quality and fame and you will be sure to be investing a good 10 to 30 dollars amount when you do your purchase.

How to get a six pack with mobile Apps

How to get a six packI was recently speaking to a friend, who apropos of pretty much nothing had decided to get fit and try to get his stomach looking as ‘washboard’ as he possibly could. My friend eventually succeeded in his goal (I have to say that he is looking pretty buff nowadays!) and he told me that he had used fitness apps on his phone to help him lose the weight and tone up. I’ve reviewed fitness apps in the past but was intrigued to find out if they could actually help people get fit, read on to find out what my friend told me.
The good and bad of exercise apps
I’ve always had a theory about exercise apps and it goes like this. Say for example you decide to lose some weight, or maybe run a half marathon, both of those things are quite significant undertakings and you are likely to have to change your life a little bit and make some personal sacrifices in order to achieve the goals you are going after.
But lets say that whilst you’re considering your fitness goal you spot an app that claims it will help you to attain your fitness goal, then the temptation to buy the app will be great, for the following reasons –

  • Buying the app makes you feel you are taking action to your desired goal
  • You feel that buying the app is an action of someone who is committed to attaining the goal that you have set yourself
  •  It’s really easy to buy the app and give yourself boost, it’s much easier to buy the app rather changing your diet or hitting the pavements running

I’ve always believed that fitness apps can sell a huge amount of units based on the factors above, with the added bonus that if an app you’ve purchased doesn’t work (and by ‘work’ I mean that the app’s purchaser probably never got round to actually using the app), you’re actually quite like to buy another app rather than changing your approach to something that might help you achieve your goal. Fitness apps basically use a tried and tested formula that self help books have been using for years.

The things that did help my friend
My friends experiences actually follow my theories quite closely, when he first started on his fitness kick he was a serial buyer of fitness apps believing that each new app he bought would provide an answer to his problem. The apps got him nowhere fast though, and it was only when he started eating less and exercising regularly that things finally started to turn around.
My friend attributes his weight loss to running, and his tighter stomach to an abdominal machine that he saw advertised on tv (namely the ‘ab rocket abdominal trainer‘ that my friend was finally convinced to buy afterseeing it reviewed on the internet). Whilst my friend was reasonably disparaging about most of the fitness apps that he tried, he did say that an app that helps you to count the calories you’re consuming during an average day had been a huge help. So we shouldn’t dismiss all fitness apps too quickly – there are some good ones out there that can