Buying the Ideal Pair of Competitive Boxing Gloves


To find the best boxing gloves for your criteria, the search for the ideal pair requires much more than analyzing good reviews, a fancy, beautiful cool skin or knowing your size. Boxing gloves are really important not only to protect the hands of a boxing fighter but also to provide stability, coordination and develop a notion to boost all these skills while wearing gloves. Something that people often do not take under consideration is the fact boxing gloves are an extra weight over your hands, so you have to bear in mind you will fight carrying up this weight with you. If you are looking for a professional pair of the best boxing gloves, just like the finest lady going to shop, you will have to be picky and meticulous, looking for the Cinderela shoes that fit you best.


Depending on the brand and model of gloves, you will find many different options of boxing gloves when it comes to padding. Heavy weight fighters in general will benefit more from gloves that have robust wrists and fist padding protection. You will be dealing with tons of weight so you have to keep the stability of your hands to avoid hurting yourself and perhaps even dislocating your wrists.

You also have to consider here how strong you hit and take care of your knuckles. Either a heavy or lower weight class, the knuckles are also extremely important because they will be facing all the impact provided by the resistance of your opponent. Know your style before picking the best boxing gloves when it comes to padding on the knuckles area because you won’t either like to use something way too soft as it will reduce the strength of your strikes.


Many people might think they have a 16oz or 10oz hand because, simply, this is what fits them since the beginning, however, people have to consider sizes are relative when it comes to boxing because you will not only be dealing with your size, but all attachments that make your hands bigger, like hand wraps.
When you are about to wear gloves to try your size, don’t forget to wrap up your hands so you will find you real size in combat.
If also have to consider the amount of wraps you will use and the kind of straps. Some might be thicker than others, so stick to only one kind of prepare to have a special pair for thicker/thiner straps.

In combat is important your gloves do not feel slippery either too tight because while you are striking, the straps might be slowly removed under your gloves and this will really bother you and jeopardize your whole performance.


As we mentioned before, the best boxing gloves is also about how much weight you have to carry up while you are fighting. At this point, you have to check the materials that are implemented in the gloves. Leather is a no way out, you really have to stick to them or you will end up with crappy gloves after a while. Though they impose some heavy weight on your gloves. Time to consider the best kind of materials used in the padding. There are many synthetic fabrics that provide great impact absorption and are still lite. TITLE and Ringside are the kind of brands that have these special trade mark patented technologies to make your hands liter.

Is important also to be fit before you buy your gloves. As you develop muscular resistance and gets stronger, gloves that were lite will become way too lite, this might bring some faux notions of coordination while you improve your fitness conditions, so is better to be all bulky and stronger on your best before you buy your gloves.

And bear in mind that more than one pair of boxing gloves even for competition is something really great, so plan your budget and invest on truly supportive boxing gloves for all situations.

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