How to get a six pack with mobile Apps

How to get a six packI was recently speaking to a friend, who apropos of pretty much nothing had decided to get fit and try to get his stomach looking as ‘washboard’ as he possibly could. My friend eventually succeeded in his goal (I have to say that he is looking pretty buff nowadays!) and he told me that he had used fitness apps on his phone to help him lose the weight and tone up. I’ve reviewed fitness apps in the past but was intrigued to find out if they could actually help people get fit, read on to find out what my friend told me.
The good and bad of exercise apps
I’ve always had a theory about exercise apps and it goes like this. Say for example you decide to lose some weight, or maybe run a half marathon, both of those things are quite significant undertakings and you are likely to have to change your life a little bit and make some personal sacrifices in order to achieve the goals you are going after.
But lets say that whilst you’re considering your fitness goal you spot an app that claims it will help you to attain your fitness goal, then the temptation to buy the app will be great, for the following reasons –

  • Buying the app makes you feel you are taking action to your desired goal
  • You feel that buying the app is an action of someone who is committed to attaining the goal that you have set yourself
  •  It’s really easy to buy the app and give yourself boost, it’s much easier to buy the app rather changing your diet or hitting the pavements running

I’ve always believed that fitness apps can sell a huge amount of units based on the factors above, with the added bonus that if an app you’ve purchased doesn’t work (and by ‘work’ I mean that the app’s purchaser probably never got round to actually using the app), you’re actually quite like to buy another app rather than changing your approach to something that might help you achieve your goal. Fitness apps basically use a tried and tested formula that self help books have been using for years.

The things that did help my friend
My friends experiences actually follow my theories quite closely, when he first started on his fitness kick he was a serial buyer of fitness apps believing that each new app he bought would provide an answer to his problem. The apps got him nowhere fast though, and it was only when he started eating less and exercising regularly that things finally started to turn around.
My friend attributes his weight loss to running, and his tighter stomach to an abdominal machine that he saw advertised on tv (namely the ‘ab rocket abdominal trainer‘ that my friend was finally convinced to buy afterseeing it reviewed on the internet). Whilst my friend was reasonably disparaging about most of the fitness apps that he tried, he did say that an app that helps you to count the calories you’re consuming during an average day had been a huge help. So we shouldn’t dismiss all fitness apps too quickly – there are some good ones out there that can

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